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The content we use at Iron Forums has been very carefully considered, thought out, and produced. We not only want it to be available for Iron Forums meetings, but we want it to be “transferable,” — used by our members to share with their wives, business partners, or staff. Of course if you miss a meeting (as business owners sometimes must), your facilitator can tell you which topic was covered, and you can “catch up” by watching the video, downloading the PDF, and answering the questions. It’s a good way to keep up, even if you have to skip a Forum.

God’s Role for His Followers in the World and in Government

Christians, in all walks of life and especially for businesspeople, are called to be “engaged” with our culture by being “salt and light.” In other words, we are to let Christ shine in and through us where He has place placed us in His created world. The Lord created and ordained families, church, and government, and we are all called to make a difference in these arenas. This is not optional as we bring truth, a sense of right and wrong, and true compassion to the needs and challenges of our world.

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Subject of Business: Focus

In this video Randy Pope reminds us of the importance of focusing on the right things as we run our businesses. He gives us three areas we should pay attention to, and suggests how this will improve multiple aspects of our lives.

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Subject of Business: Faith

As we continue our series on “The Subject of Business,” we will discuss how walking by FAITH is integral to pleasing God in our lives, our families and our businesses. Get an idea on how it might help you, and how you can get it done.

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Subject of Business: Kingdom

We need to think about “Kingdom” in our leadership and businesses. From whose perspective are you coming from? Effective kingdom leaders are much different from an effective world leader. We are all called in life to be great, effective leaders in the context of God’s kingdom.

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Non-Negotiable Core Values Part 1

Our core values are the things we do in an organization that represent who we are at our best. Put simply by Seth Goden, “People like us, do things like this.” Too often are the vision statement, mission statement, and values of an organization conflated. Dr. Ike Reighard, CEO of MUST Ministries and former executive VP of HomeBanc Mortgage Corp., joins us to distinguish these three tools. We highlight the importance of vision, mission, and value in the first part of this two-part series on core values.

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