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Do you have an issue you are trying to solve? Ask a fellow Iron Forums member for help. We share the same Biblical world view and drive to succeed as business owners, leaders, fathers and followers of Jesus. Because we are a relational business organization, we learn from each other.

Click on the link below that corresponds to your need. This isn’t a sales tool — this is a place for members to connect over things they are passionate about and experienced in. We certainly encourage working together if it leads to that — but we have found that having a phone call or sharing coffee or lunch to “think out loud” with another member is very valuable.

Do YOU Have an area of the snapshot that you are passionate about? Please add it to the Knowledge Base so you can help a fellow Christian Business owner navigate through that part of their life or business. Everyone involved will be blessed.

Top Five Areas Where Effective Sales Leaders Excel

Effective sales leaders might keep their eyes on the sales success prize, but they also know that fundamentals matter. Simply put, without the right building blocks in place, sustainable sales success is unlikely. These fundamentals include carefully crafted strategic vision and mission statements which set the tone for success. They also include building the right sales structure – including markets and territories – as well as how the team itself is organized. With everyone marching toward the same goal, the foundation is set for sales success. A Strategic Framework The superior sales leader knows that strategy is also essential. Building

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Becoming a Brilliant Visionary

This article is all about Visionary Leaders! We dive into who these Visionaries are, why they are, and what specific actions they can take to overcome their unique challenges and become brilliant. Check out the video series – or – Read the full article

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The 7 Stages of the Corporate Lifecycle

Do you ever just wish you could see around the “next corner” for your business? Have you ever been blindsided by a major challenge that seemed to come out of nowhere? But in hindsight, you realized it had been brewing for a long, long time; you just didn’t see it coming. Check out the video series – or – Read the full article

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RARE Leadership

Leaders lead. And by definition, things or stuff cannot be led. Leaders don’t lead a what – they lead a who. Managers manage things. Leaders lead a person or group of people. Leadership is not about efficiency, performance, or getting the task done. It’s about building a “strong repertoire of positive relational habits that produce trust, joy, and engagement.” (Warner, Wilder) The outcome is a team that wants to be together (joy:: they’re glad to be together) and work together on the common goals of the team – whatever those may be (what matters). When working in joy, people and

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spend more time in God’s Company

I’ve been pushed to write for a number of years now.. mostly to extend the invitation to all … to spend more time praying and improving your relationship with God.

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Should you pivot or innovate?

Should you be pivoting your business right now? How do you know when to pivot, and how do you know what to pivot to? Should you jump to a new industry to make ends meet or even make the switch altogether? The COVID-19 pandemic has got business owners and leadership teams scrambling to answer these questions.  Check out the video series – or –Read the full article

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