RARE Leadership


Leaders lead. And by definition, things or stuff cannot be led. Leaders don’t lead a what – they lead a who. Managers manage things. Leaders lead a person or group of people. Leadership is not about efficiency, performance, or getting the task done. It’s about building a “strong repertoire of positive relational habits that produce trust, joy, and engagement.” (Warner, Wilder) The outcome is a team that wants to be together (joy:: they’re glad to be together) and work together on the common goals of the team – whatever those may be (what matters). When working in joy, people and teams will have their greatest impact.

True RARE Leaders must be relational and must know what it takes to create joy in a team – where people are glad to be together – and help the team return to joy after enduring hardship. The Rare Leader does four things exceptionally well:

R – Remain Relational – Despite circumstances and problems and how daunting they may be, they keep relationships bigger than the problems.

A – Act Like Yourself – Whatever emotions this leader faces – fear, overwhelm, inadequacy, confusion – they consistently remain true to their character. The people around them feel secure knowing that they won’t be on the receiving end of a tirade.

R – Return to Joy – After feeling negative emotions, they are able to return to joy themselves and help others do the same. These leaders are genuinely glad to be with others, and others are genuinely glad to be with the leaders because they acted like themselves.

E – Endure Hardships Well – The Rare Leader knows that on the other side of the hardship is joy. And although they don’t like hardship, they recognize it is part of life. They know that enduring hardship well and then returning to joy is the healthiest way to deal with it – and best for the relationship(s). They don’t have outbursts, go into hiding, or turn to some coping mechanism.

RARE Leader book: https://www.amazon.com/Rare-Leadership-Uncommon-Increasing-Engagement/dp/0802414540

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