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About Me

Hello! My name is Bruce Bray. Here is a little bit of my story. Wendy and I have been married for 50 years and counting. We have been blessed with three sons and one daughter. Our sons are married and have further blessed us with seven grandchildren. Our daughter is in a serious relationship and our prayer is that she will be soon married and that more grandchildren will follow. Wendy and I started dating a year after high school and married some 15 months later. After marriage, Wendy worked full time, so I could continue college, while working part time. We have lived in metro Atlanta our entire marriage.

In 2021 I retired from Emory Healthcare as Division Director for 7 clinical services located at 4 Emory Hospitals, including Emory University Hospital. I do not see myself as a retiree, because God has plans for me to continue living out my purpose. One opportunity came through an invitation from my friend Gary Smith. Gary asked me to consider an Advisor role in Iron Forums when I retired. I visited an Iron Forums monthly meeting a week after leaving Emory and accepted the role as Advisor the following month. 

As an Advisor at Iron Forums, there are several men that I meet with regularly, in addition to our monthly half day sessions. Most of the time we discuss faith, family, their businesses, and we end in prayer. It is my goal to find out something new about them each time we meet. Forming and growing in fellowship as we grow in our faith has been one of the many blessings in serving as an IF Advisor. It is a high privilege and honor to spend quality time with younger men to listen, encourage and see them live out the plans God has for them. I am active at 12Stone Sugarloaf as an Greeter/Usher and serve on the Medical Team, active in a weekly couples small group and in mission with Legacy Builders in the area of Outreach. I’m very active in the EMMAUS Community and meet weekly with 3 other men in an accountability group. I also serve as a consultant and medical expert with several legal firms.

Business Expertise

  • Working in Healthcare and medical related fields for over 4 decades, I have experience and knowledge in several clinical areas, as a leader and collaborator, manager of multiple departments, and coaching others to improve engagement and work efficiencies.
  • During my tenure in hospitals, I had the opportunity to work and co-lead the frontline with Atlanta’s first HIV patients, first EBOLA patients to the US, and COVID patients during the first year of the disease. God watched over me in each situation, keeping me safe and healthy. 
  • In addition to my years of experience leading people and managing large departments, my healthcare knowledge has been valuable on several occasions listening, answering questions and aide in referring people to the right physician
  • I love learning more about the businesses, people and Iron Forums members by visiting their place of business. 

At Emory Healthcare I enjoyed teaching. This video is one of my presentations at the Southeastern Critical Care Summit. I was a member of the faculty, leading workshops and lecturing on numerous clinical topics.

Images of my Family and Interests

Fun Facts

Favorite Quotes

“Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.” Micah 6:8 “Never, never, never give up” Winston Churchill

Favorite Book

Dangerous Prayers by Craig Groeschel I like to listen to audiobooks while driving. I enjoy mysteries, historical fiction, and epic fantasy novels.

Things I'm Working On

Wendy and I are focusing on our physical well being, in addition to growing in Christ and each other. We work out at LA Fitness 1-2 a week and would like to increase to 2-3 a week. One of the benefits and challenges of retirement is mapping out how to spend my time. I worked at Home Depot one day a week until recently. My focus was to be helpful, be friendly and invite those people that did not have a home church to try ours. However, once it became a chore due to the hours and long work day, I felt like I could grow and help in other ways, like becoming more involved in Bearings Bikeworks and Legacy Builders at 12Stone. Wendy and I are placing a high priority on morning devotions together and sharing our faith walk with each other more.


Biking- greenway and light off roading Flying four string stunt kites HO trains Taking swings at a golf ball Keeping up with our grandkids

#1 Business Accomplishment

Provided expertise,training, and ongoing support to physicians when Emory accepted EBOLA patients in 2014. Received the DAISY Award for my leadership. Working on the frontline during COVID-19 outbreak, securing 50 ventilators for Emory Healthcare at a critical time, converting medical equipment to function as a ventilator during severe ventilator shortage, helped develop safe procedures for allowing family members to visit critically ill COVID patients.

Bucket List

Being around long enough to take each of our grandkids on a special trip with Wendy and me when they reach 13. So far we have taken 2 on their special vacations. I am excited that travel restrictions are finally easing up so Wendy and I can travel and spend our children’s inheritance. I have owned a Ukulele for years but never got past the basics, I want to learn to play and enjoy. Build my model HO train room.

Medical Journals Co-Author

Zaza, Lisa M. Koonin, Adebola Ajao, Scott V. Nystrom, Richard Branson, Anita Patel, Bruce Bray, and Michael F. Iademarco
Health Security Volume 14, Number 1, 2016

Vanessa Moll,* Elrond Y.L. Teo,* David S. Grenda,* Cindy D. Powell,† Michael J. Connor, Jr,† Bryce T. Gartland,‡ Mary J. Zellinger,§ H. Bruce Bray,¶ Christopher A. Paciullo,‖ Craig M. Kalin,# Jean M. Wheeler,* Duc Q. Nguyen,** and James M. Blum* ASAIO J. 2016 May; 62(3): 354–358

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