Alliance Partners

Iron Forums Alliance partners share the same Christian World View as our ministry. We are formally working together to connect Christian business owners and leaders through our organizations. We have developed specific goals and processes to cross-refer, based on the needs of our members and their teams. The following organizations are our Alliance Partners. We encourage you to learn more about them, and let your facilitator know if you would like a formal introduction.

Lifework Leadership Atlanta

Contact Name: Barry Lusk
Contact Phone: 386-383-7679
Contact Email:
Website: Lifework Leadership

Lifework Atlanta is a faith-based leadership development program for influencers in Atlanta that strives to breathe new life into marketplace leaders equipping and inspiring them to live more intentional, Kingdom-centered lives thus enabling them to become a greater force for God. At Lifework we dream about transforming cities by transforming leaders. In this regard Lifework has been influencing culture for more than 25 years; first in the USA, then in Africa and now in several cities across the globe.

The Master's Program

Contact Name: Laure Hoffman
Contact Phone: 336-202-8366
Contact Email:

The Master’s Program, a mentorship experience designed to help high-potential Christian leaders to explore, expose and — ultimately — exploit their unique Kingdom Calling. For 25 years, The Master’s Program has helped men and women discover a lifestyle of current success and eternal significance that is driving them to what Jesus called 100x results.

At The Master’s Program for Women, we believe more than ever before that God is raising up women to become leaders in revival and transformation nationally and globally. God is calling us to connect women with their unique Kingdom assignment and with each other as they pursue God and His purpose for them, in their families,  the marketplace, in community and the church, knowing who they are and whose they are with clarity and boldness. 


Corporate Chaplains of America

Contact Name: Melvin Swafford
Contact Phone: 423-715-0693
Contact Email:
Website: www.chaplain .org

The Iron Forums Connection:
As a Christian entrepreneur, perhaps one of the best benefits you can provide your employees is a chaplaincy program. Among the many excellent programs available, Iron Forums has partnered with Corporate Chaplains of America. This is well worth your time in thought and prayer as you consider if it is right for your company.

Mission Increase

Contact Name: Scott Scharpen
Contact Phone: 503-639-7364
Contact Email:

The intended impact of Mission Increase is to see transformed ministry fundraising embedded in organizations that are committed to advancing the ministry of Christ in the world. Fundamentally, we believe in the formative power of the Word of God to shape the thinking, approach, actions, and react.  


Friends of Iron Forums are organizations that can serve as, or provide helpful resources to Iron Forums members. We have connections with their leadership teams and they are familiar with our ministry, and share our Christian World View.

Check out these Ministry Friends, and connect with them as you see value in their offerings.


Souly Business

Contact Name: Kevin Latty
Contact phone or email: 404-234-5016

The Iron Forums Connection: 
Souly Business is a men’s ministry weekend retreat experience. Iron Forums members and their family and friends are encouraged to attend a Souly Business weekend to experience Jesus in a way that renews the Soul.  Business owners who attend Souly Business may be interested in an ongoing membership in Iron Forums to help them keep their faith alive at work, in the family and in their church.


Cards on the Table

Contact Name: Casey Sanders
Contact phone or email: 404-918-5343 

Cards On The Table is a LIVE EVENT held every Friday morning in Buford, Georgia, at Over the Top Burger Bar (Thompson Mill and Buford Hwy), with a Zoom link for virtual attendees around the Country. It is led by Iron Forums member, Casey Sanders. Each Friday from 6:30-7:30 a.m., we look at a LIE that the world and culture would have us believe as men, and then we see how it measures up against God’s TRUTH in His written Word. This simple Bible Study kicks off the weekend in the right frame of mind — but it is also a great way to share content with a small group. Cards on the Table now offers a SUBSCRIPTION model where anyone can download one of 100’s of topics to use in their Men’s Group or Small Group. This simple method has no homework or reading and is easy to facilitate. Very Man Friendly!

For information on the Friday Morning VENUE or VIRTUAL options, visit


Alliance Defending Freedom

Contact Name: Ryan Johnson
Contact phone: 800-835-5233

The Iron Forums Connection:
Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a Christian nonprofit organization with the stated goal of advocating, training, and funding on the issues of “religious freedom, sanctity of life, and marriage and family.” They can help Iron Forums members defend their rights to operate their organizations within the context of their Christian faith when challenged by the increasingly hostile American secular culture. ADF is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.