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About Me

Being an outlier of sorts, I live on a pristine property NE of Atlanta, where God put me to heal from many years of concurrent and consecutive tragedies that left me broken and fragile. By Grace alone, warriors were sent to help lead me into a discovery quest to learn the REAL purpose for my life … Psalm 23:2-3 became my guiding light and fight song.

I have 3 sons – 1 deceased – and a family spread from Ohio to South Florida, and South Georgia to Oklahoma and beyond. My devoted companion, Max, enjoys hanging out with me and doing whatever is on my mind, except for the thousands of things he doesn’t like to do or that make him afraid.

I’m clinically analytical (funny/not funny), and Iron Forums has allowed me to utilize this extreme for good works.

I thrive in the openness of creation and enjoy cooking, stargazing, photography, music, and also a bit of salt-water fishing – learning to fresh-water fly-fish is on my bucket list. I have a passion for women’s initiatives, and my heroes are those who help those who can’t help themselves.

Business Expertise

I retired in 2015 from a 25-year career as CEO of a small business, working with government agencies and numerous fortune 500 firms that catered to hazardous material identification and clean up, along with site and personnel safety requirements.

The next several years were spent mentoring small businesses in maneuvering through complexities of business management such as:

  • Corporate formations,
  • Accounting principles,
  • Marketing strategies,
  • Workplace safety, and
  • Regulatory compliance.

In recent years I worked as Project Manager for a local non-profit organization – serving developmentally disabled adults – in the areas of:

  • Corporate Rebranding,
  • Developing social media and marketing campaigns and strategies, and
  • Creating quality control and oversight procedures in critical areas of organizational expansion.
  • During this tenure I had the privilege of working with the most big-hearted individuals I’ve had the pleasure to know

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