Christian Schools

A Symbiotic Relationship of Learning

Iron Forums is committed to mutually-beneficial relationships with Christian schools. Experience has taught us that most members have enrolled their children in Christian schools because they believe it’s good to teach children from early ages that God is the actual provider, and to trust in His wisdom. Many Christian schools have parents that are business owners — some who are missing out on their intimacy with Jesus, and may not be enjoying the same relationship that their children have with Christ — although they may need it the most. We provide an opportunity for schools to refer fathers who own or influence their businesses to a Christian business owners’ forum; which in turn improves family life, while expanding the ministry of the school to the community and other business owners.

Iron Forums is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to obtain internships and even job opportunities through the Christian businesses in an Iron Forums location. One such example is a recent “Career Day” and “S.T.E.M. Connection” that we participated in with Providence Christian Academy.

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