Excellence Wins Part 1

Horst Schulze, past chairman and CEO of Capella Hotel Group, is a legend and leader in the service world. His vision has helped reshape concepts of customer service throughout the hospitality and service industries.

Horst served as vice chairman of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company from 2001 to 2002, after serving as president and COO of The Ritz-Carlton Group. Horst was responsible for the $2 billion Ritz-Carlton operations worldwide. Under his leadership, the Group was awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in both 1992 and 1999 – the first and only hotel company to win even one such award.

The focus of this series is to take all of the key principles of Horst Schulze’s Excellence Wins and layer along key biblical principles and then challenge ourselves to apply them to our own business and/or organization.