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  • 1. In registering for membership to Iron Forums, I understand that there is a monthly membership fee, and I am choosing the option checked below:
  • 2. I agree to automatic monthly credit card payments of the amount indicated above. I understand that I am required to pay my monthly Iron Forums membership fee even if I miss a monthly forum.
  • 3. I commit to attend the monthly forums and to notify my facilitator if for any reason I am unable to attend. I understand that my failure to attend two consecutive forums, or exceed three forums in one year, may constitute cause for suspension.
  • 4. I agree to plan to arrive and leave on time for each monthly forum so that all members enjoy the mutual benefit of serving and being held accountable to each other, personally and professionally. I will come prepared to participate in my monthly forum.
  • 5. I agree to hold all information given or discussed by another member during our Iron Forum in strict confidence. I understand that to breach this confidence will result in immediate cancellation of my membership privilege.
  • I hereby submit this form for registration as a member of Iron Forums.
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