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Biblical Principles for your Financial Health Video Podcast

Most people are surprised to know that the Bible has a lot to say about finances, wealth, and possessions. In fact, there are over 2300 Bible verses that talk about just those things. Jesus taught 15% of the time about those issues. And even eleven of his parables are about money, wealth, and possessions. So if you look, it’s really clear that the bible is full of guidance on how we can live out our finances and our faith.

The Andrew Principle

In John 1:41, the first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah.” He knew that it was of utmost importance, and that it would make his brother’s life better. This podcasts talks about the importance of inviting other men to improve their business and families through Iron Forums.

Iron Forums Podcast Leadership in Crisis Part 1

This series of 4 podcasts is a discussion among Iron Forums leadership team members. It is based on 10 points outlined by Dan Sullivan in his article, “The Scary Times” Success Manual. We hope you find the discussion helpful as you consider how to lead through a crisis. The PDF below contains scripture that we are believe aligns with each one.

  • 1. Forget about yourself; focus on others.
  • 2. Forget about your commodity; focus on your relationship.
  • 3. Forget about the sale; focus on creating value. 

Iron Forums Podcast Leadership in Crisis Part 2

  • 4. Forget about your losses; focus on your opportunities.
  • 5. Forget about your difficulties; focus on your progress.

Iron Forums Podcast Leadership in Crisis Part 3

  • 6. Forget about the “future”; focus on today.
  • 7. Forget about who you were; focus on who you can be. 
  • 8. Forget about your events; focus on your responses.

Iron Forums Podcast Leadership in Crisis Part 4

  • 9. Forget about what’s missing; focus on what’s available.
  • 10. Forget about your complaints; focus on your attitude. 

Who Makes a Great Facilitator

The Snapshot Culture

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