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Do you have an issue you are trying to solve? Ask a fellow Iron Forums member for help. We share the same Biblical world view and drive to succeed as business owners, leaders, fathers and followers of Jesus. Because we are a relational business organization, we learn from each other.

Click on the link below that corresponds to your need. This isn’t a sales tool — this is a place for members to connect over things they are passionate about and experienced in. We certainly encourage working together if it leads to that — but we have found that having a phone call or sharing coffee or lunch to “think out loud” with another member is very valuable.

Do YOU Have an area of the snapshot that you are passionate about? Please add it to the Knowledge Base so you can help a fellow Christian Business owner navigate through that part of their life or business. Everyone involved will be blessed.

Depression & Suicide

As business owners, we all feel pressure. Sometimes the pain of that pressure seems unbearable…and it is. As very human…human beings, we can become depressed

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