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Do you have an issue you are trying to solve? Ask a fellow Iron Forums member for help. We share the same Biblical world view and drive to succeed as business owners, leaders, fathers and followers of Jesus. Because we are a relational business organization, we learn from each other.

Click on the link below that corresponds to your need. This isn’t a sales tool — this is a place for members to connect over things they are passionate about and experienced in. We certainly encourage working together if it leads to that — but we have found that having a phone call or sharing coffee or lunch to “think out loud” with another member is very valuable.

Do YOU Have an area of the snapshot that you are passionate about? Please add it to the Knowledge Base so you can help a fellow Christian Business owner navigate through that part of their life or business. Everyone involved will be blessed.

Top Five Areas Where Effective Sales Leaders Excel

Effective sales leaders might keep their eyes on the sales success prize, but they also know that fundamentals matter. Simply put, without the right building blocks in place, sustainable sales success is unlikely. These fundamentals include carefully crafted strategic vision and mission statements which set the tone for success. They also include building the right sales structure – including markets and territories – as well as how the team itself is organized. With everyone marching toward the same goal, the foundation is set for sales success. A Strategic Framework The superior sales leader knows that strategy is also essential. Building

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Becoming a Brilliant Visionary

This article is all about Visionary Leaders! We dive into who these Visionaries are, why they are, and what specific actions they can take to overcome their unique challenges and become brilliant. Check out the video series – or – Read the full article

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Depression & Suicide

As business owners, we all feel pressure. Sometimes the pain of that pressure seems unbearable…and it is. As very human…human beings, we can become depressed and sometimes even come to the end of our selves with statements like “take me now Lord – this is just too hard.” The Podcast known as Cards On The Table, an Alliance Partner of Iron Forums, spends some time doing a deep dive into this. Give it a listen.

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Life Planning to help you find balance

Most all of us struggle with time management and balancing all of life’s priorities. About 20 years ago, I went through a process to write out my Life Purpose, Mission and Values which has helped me stay centered on what’s important to me. This process has helped me have better communication and get more input from my wife and family so I can be more intentional in how I lead them as well as where I need to grow and change. I’d welcome the opportunity to hop on a Zoom call and help you start one for yourself.

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Conflict Resolution & Restoration

I have found that God is calling me to help people get into fruitful discussions to manage stressful conflict in relationships. If you are having a tough time getting past a major relationship wound in your life DON’T STUFF IT DOWN. Resolve it as quickly as you can. I have learned this through my own life experiences and failures. We create a suitcase full of disappointments and “shove them under the bed.” Bitterness grows. Relationships go sour over time. Nobody wins. The Good News: we can avoid this! There are Biblical Truths that give us clear alternatives. Don’t give up

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Love and Listen — Dealing with Prodigal Children

If you are struggling with a child who just never seems to make the right decision, or doesn’t care what you have to say (as far as you can tell), I would be happy to speak with you. I have a story of nearly full-circle redemption and restoration with one of my children, and would be happy to share how God worked through it all. Shoot me an email and let me know when you have time to talk. And let me tell you I wish somebody had told me about this when my kids were younger. And let me

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