Cards on the Table

Cards On The Table is a LIVE EVENT held every Friday morning in Buford, Georgia at Over the Top Burger Bar (intersection of Buford Hwy and Thompson Mill Road). It is led by Iron Forums member, Casey Sanders. Each Friday from 6:30-7:30 a.m. we look at a LIE that the world and culture would have us believe as men, and then we see how it measures up against God’s TRUTH in His written Word. This simple Bible Study is a great way to kick off the weekend — but it is also a great way to share content with a small group. Cards on the Table now offers a SUBSCRIPTION model where anyone can download one of 100’s of topics to use in their Men’s Group or Small Group. This simple method has no homework and is easy to facilitate-lead. Very Man Friendly!

For information on the Friday Morning VENUE, visit
To check out the SUBSCRIPTION version (only $8.95 per month), visit