Our members share their reasons why Iron Forums can have a positive impact on your business, your family, and your spiritual life.

“I was immediately interested in the idea of a Christ-centered forum just for business owners. I was amazed at what was being discussed. I’ve never been in a Christian men’s meeting that really understood my issues as a business owner. And I’m learning to run my business from the truths of scripture. The investment of my time and resources is worth it for my business and family.”
“God called me to serve men. Iron Forums gives me the opportunity to take my leadership skills into the marketplace. Working with business owners that understand the responsibility of stewarding God’s business is a dream come true. I am able to impact the owner with biblical truth that then overflows to their marriage, family and employees. An Iron Forums facilitator is really an entrepreneur in ministry.”
“We attended a marriage retreat weekend sponsored by Iron Forums. I was so encouraged with the impact it had on both of us. Iron Forums is committed to encouraging strong biblical marriages. My husband asks me each month before his meeting how I feel we are doing! That one question makes a difference in our marriage.”
“I’ve been in executive leadership most of my career. Now I’m in a new season. Iron Forums gives me a new purpose. These business owners are hungry for wisdom. God has given me more to share than I ever realized. It is easy for me to make the monthly meetings. And spiritually – I’m growing by attending!”
“Iron Forums has proven to be an excellent resource for our fathers who are entrepreneurs. The organization aligns with our schools values and beliefs, and I feel like it makes sense for us to work together. In addition, Iron Forum members make themselves available to mentor our students interested in business, and serve our families as a place for job networking. It is an encouraging, spiritually symbiotic relationship.”
“There are many organizations that serve men but very few that focus on men that own businesses. This is a unique subset of men that need specific encouragement and biblical training to impact their sphere of influence. We feel very comfortable referring business owners in our network to Iron Forums just as they help us connect with our target audience. When we break down the territorial walls and serve each other, amazing things can happen.”
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