Reach Your Kingdom potential and live out your Kingdom calling in business, faith, and family!

When you join Iron Forums for Women, you find the following:

  • Like minded business owners, C-Suite executives, and nonprofit Leaders who share your values & challenges
  • In-person monthly forums that support you, your business, and your spiritual growth as well as your family commitments
  • Access to an exclusive training database from business experts
  • Access to a powerful network of 150+ Christian professionals who are leading by faith in their business, at home, and in the community
  • Professional growth in community, leveraging what you know, and what you need to know.

Laure Hoffman

Iron Forums Virtual Facilitator Laure Hoffman offers entrepreneurs a unique perspective gained through a career focused on championing mission, vision and messaging of organizations that advance business and organizational objectives.

She is energized by visionary thinking, change management leadership, strategic vision and executive-level implementation for mission-critical achievement of organizational goals and objectives. As a confident, collaborative servant leader with a competitive drive who displays initiative, she manifests a sense of urgency and the ability to make thoughtful decisions and take responsibility for them. No matter the circumstances, she reacts and adjusts quickly to changing conditions and works with team members to come up with ideas and strategies to address changing environments.

Why Iron Forums for Women?

There are unique challenges that come with being an entrepreneur and leading an organization. That’s why Iron Forums for Women exists. We are a community of faith-driven, high impact women who help one another grow professionally and personally, and support one another in meeting the challenges we all face:

  • Being overwhelmed in our business
  • Navigating fast-paced business challenges and opportunities
  • Overcoming isolation
  • Feeling “stuck” in our relationships or marriage
  • Battling unhealthy habits that keep us from becoming all we can be in Christ
  • Creating a confidential environment to work out our big questions and get the right answers
  • Lacking momentum or growth in our spiritual lives
  • Lacking a community that really understands what we’re going through
  • Disappointment in not seeing results or expected growth in our business

Using proven tools and processes you will be connected to other faith-based business women and organizational leaders who face similar challenges, share your values, and want genuine growth in all areas of their lives. 

Monthly Online Meeting for support & Growth

We meet monthly in person. Forums last from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and provide a mix of exclusive content and community interaction.

Access To Daily Support & Community

As a community, you can connect with other members, and mentors anytime. You always have access to support via text, call, or e-mail when you need it.

Exclusive Content for Learning and Training

We create and curate high quality content that is shared inside of our community for the purpose of inspiring growth in your business, faith, and family.


Inside of our community we have several women who serve as Advisors. As a member, you get access to one-on-one meetings with them for mentorship in business and beyond.

How do I benefit from this Community?

Save Time & Energy

Because we learn from the experiences of other women in the community, you’ll save time and energy not having to reinvent the wheel or figure everything out on your own.

Strengthen Our Many Roles

Each month we pause and reflect on how we are doing in our most important roles, and how we want to extend support, care, and love to those we love. Through awareness, communication, and deeper reflection, you will grow stronger in your most important relationships, whoever those are in your life.

Growing Your Business for Greater Kingdom Impact

An African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Connecting with other women of faith who challenge you is the most effective way to grow your business or organization for greater Kingdom impact and influence.

A Safe Place to Process

Many business owners do not have a safe place or people they trust to talk about what is really going on in their business or with their relationships. “Thinking out loud” in a safe and confidential environment allows you to lead more effectively everywhere else. 

Authentic Christian Community

Many of us have a lot of friends, but not many relationships with other women who are career-focused and faith-filled. Iron Forums for Women is made up of sisters in Christ who genuinely love one another and want to see God’s best for each other  -whether it’s in our home or at our place of business!

Send us a message and our Iron Forums for Women Facilitator, Laure Hoffman, will reach out to set up a conversation to help you discover if we’re a good fit for you!